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Munich, Germany

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1 star hotels in Munich

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Augustenstraße 73, 80333, Munich, Germany, Munich

1.7km from the center of Munich
114m from the subway station Theresienstraße
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23 Elisabethstrasse 4. Etage / Klingelschild: Art Signum Gmbh / Kaufmann, 80796, Munich, Germany, Munich

2.4km from the center of Munich
397m from the subway station Hohenzollernplatz
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92 Tegernseer Landstraße, 81539, Munich, Germany, Munich

2.6km from the center of Munich
134m from the subway station Silberhornstraße
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St.-Ingbert-Straße 4, 81541, Munich, Germany, Munich

3km from the center of Munich
673m from the subway station Karl-Preis-Platz
Room in this hotel

34 Schwanthalerstraße Gebäude, 80336, Munich, Germany, Munich

1.2km from the center of Munich
308m from the subway station Hauptbahnhof
Room in this hotel

Pelkovenstrasse, 80992, Munich, Germany, Munich

6.3km from the center of Munich
505m from the subway station Olympia-Einkaufszentrum
Room in this hotel

196 Aidenbachstraße, 81479, Munich, Germany, Munich

7.1km from the center of Munich
Room in this hotel

Putziger Straße 43, 81929, Munich, Germany, Munich

5.5km from the center of Munich
4.1km from the subway station Michaelibad
Room in this hotel

Am Klopferspitz 21, 82152, Planegg, Germany, Martinsried

9.2km from the center of Munich
Room in this hotel

478 Landsberger Straße Top Floor, 81241, Munich, Germany, Munich

8.3km from the center of Munich
Room in this hotel