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13 Rue De La Paix, Paris

2.1km from the center of Paris
163m from the subway station Opéra
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17 Rue Baron Le Roy, Paris

3.5km from the center of Paris
217m from the subway station Cour Saint-Émilion
Room in this hotel

33 Rue De Saint Petersbourg, Paris

3.4km from the center of Paris
183m from the subway station Place de Clichy
Room in this hotel

34 Rue Bergere, Paris

1.9km from the center of Paris
154m from the subway station Grands Boulevards
Room in this hotel

39 Rue Du Montparnasse, Paris

2.4km from the center of Paris
192m from the subway station Montparnasse – Bienvenüe
Room in this hotel

74 Rue Amelot, Paris

1.2km from the center of Paris
71m from the subway station Saint-Sébastien – Froissart
Room in this hotel

2 Place Des Pyramides, Paris

1.6km from the center of Paris
231m from the subway station Tuileries
Room in this hotel

5 rue chateaubriand, Paris

4.1km from the center of Paris
197m from the subway station George V
Room in this hotel

8 Place Marguerite De Navarre, Paris

609m from the center of Paris
221m from the subway station Les Halles
Room in this hotel

9 Rue des Écoles, Paris

991m from the center of Paris
133m from the subway station Cardinal Lemoine
Room in this hotel

3 rue du Cardinal Mercier, Paris

3.2km from the center of Paris
227m from the subway station Liège
Room in this hotel

3 Rue Champollion, Paris

997m from the center of Paris
155m from the subway station Cluny – La Sorbonne
Room in this hotel

11 Rue Richer, Paris

2km from the center of Paris
281m from the subway station Cadet
Room in this hotel

4 Rue Geoffroy Marie, Paris

2km from the center of Paris
226m from the subway station Grands Boulevards
Room in this hotel

1 rue Mansart, Paris

3.2km from the center of Paris
147m from the subway station Blanche
Room in this hotel

88bis Avenue Kléber, Paris

4.7km from the center of Paris
86m from the subway station Boissière
Room in this hotel

14-18 Rue Chaligny, Paris

2.6km from the center of Paris
200m from the subway station Reuilly – Diderot
Room in this hotel

14 Rue Du Theatre, Paris

4.9km from the center of Paris
396m from the subway station Charles Michels
Room in this hotel

37 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, Paris

1.4km from the center of Paris
186m from the subway station Bréguet – Sabin
Room in this hotel

19 Rue d'Orsel, Paris

3.1km from the center of Paris
138m from the subway station Anvers
Room in this hotel