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Paris, France

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3 stars hotels in Paris

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4 Boulevard Berthier, Paris

5.1km from the center of Paris
138m from the subway station Porte de Clichy
Room in this hotel

258 Avenue Daumesnil, Paris

4.4km from the center of Paris
108m from the subway station Michel Bizot
Room in this hotel

3 Rue Champollion, Paris

997m from the center of Paris
155m from the subway station Cluny – La Sorbonne
Room in this hotel

17 Rue Baron Le Roy, Paris

3.5km from the center of Paris
217m from the subway station Cour Saint-Émilion
Room in this hotel

3/13 rue Gaston Tessier, Paris

4.6km from the center of Paris
613m from the subway station Crimée
Room in this hotel

10 Rue De Clignancourt, Paris

3.1km from the center of Paris
191m from the subway station Barbès – Rochechouart
Room in this hotel

19 Rue d'Orsel, Paris

3.1km from the center of Paris
138m from the subway station Anvers
Room in this hotel

51 Boulevard Péreire, Paris

4.7km from the center of Paris
497m from the subway station Wagram
Room in this hotel

2 rue Odessa, Paris

2.5km from the center of Paris
104m from the subway station Montparnasse – Bienvenüe
Room in this hotel

4 rue Richard Lenoir, Paris

2.2km from the center of Paris
206m from the subway station Charonne
Room in this hotel

15 rue Geoffroy Marie, Paris

2km from the center of Paris
237m from the subway station Cadet
Room in this hotel

Rue Lucien Sampaix, 46, Paris

2.1km from the center of Paris
335m from the subway station Jacques Bonsergent
Room in this hotel

20 Avenue Victoria, Paris

466m from the center of Paris
82m from the subway station Châtelet
Room in this hotel

20 Avenue De Tourville, Paris

3.3km from the center of Paris
115m from the subway station École Militaire
Room in this hotel

50 Rue Gay Lussac, Paris

1.7km from the center of Paris
719m from the subway station Place Monge
Room in this hotel

75 Bis, Avenue Parmentier, Paris

1.9km from the center of Paris
122m from the subway station Parmentier
Room in this hotel

Avenue du Maine, 146, Paris

3.2km from the center of Paris
444m from the subway station Pernety
Room in this hotel

34, 36 Rue St Sabin, Paris

1.3km from the center of Paris
123m from the subway station Bréguet – Sabin
Room in this hotel

16 Rue Cujas, Paris

1.2km from the center of Paris
372m from the subway station Cluny – La Sorbonne
Room in this hotel

36 Rue Notre Dame De Lorette, Paris

2.7km from the center of Paris
54m from the subway station Saint-Georges
Room in this hotel