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Anhalter Strasse 6, Berlin

1.4km from the center of Berlin
289m from the subway station Anhalter Bahnhof
Room in this hotel

Brunnenstr. 145, Mitte, 10115 Berlin, Germany, Berlin

2.3km from the center of Berlin
36m from the subway station Bernauer Strasse
Room in this hotel

Uhlandstrasse 142, Berlin

5km from the center of Berlin
97m from the subway station Hohenzollernplatz
Room in this hotel

Karl-Marx-Allee 23 Whg 0201, 10178, Berlin, Germany, Berlin

2.2km from the center of Berlin
99m from the subway station Schillingstrasse
Room in this hotel

66 Andreasstraße Eg, 10243, Berlin, Germany, Berlin

2.9km from the center of Berlin
451m from the subway station Ostbahnhof
Room in this hotel

35 B Stralauer Allee, 10245, Berlin, Germany, Berlin

4.7km from the center of Berlin
579m from the subway station Warschauer Strasse
Room in this hotel

Boxhagener Straße Number 53, Apartment 2, 10245, Berlin, Germany, Berlin

5.4km from the center of Berlin
539m from the subway station Ostkreuz
Room in this hotel

24 Revaler Straße, 10245, Berlin, Germany, Berlin

5.2km from the center of Berlin
455m from the subway station Ostkreuz
Room in this hotel

Plesser Straße 5 Eg, Hinterhaus, 12435, Berlin, Germany, Berlin

5.3km from the center of Berlin
844m from the subway station Treptower Park
Room in this hotel


5.2km from the center of Berlin
420m from the subway station Deutsche Oper
Room in this hotel

22 Eichendorffstraße, 10115, Berlin, Germany, Berlin

1.4km from the center of Berlin
276m from the subway station Nordbahnhof
Room in this hotel

Paul-Robeson-Strasse 48, Berlin, Germany, 10439, Berlin, Germany, Berlin

4.2km from the center of Berlin
294m from the subway station Schönhauser Allee
Room in this hotel

47 Motzstraße, 10777, Berlin, Germany, Berlin

3.8km from the center of Berlin
112m from the subway station Viktoria-Luise-Platz
Room in this hotel

11 Mierendorffplatz, 10589, Berlin, Germany, Berlin

5.8km from the center of Berlin
103m from the subway station Mierendorffplatz
Room in this hotel

Lindenallee 6, 14050, Berlin, Germany, Berlin

7.7km from the center of Berlin
693m from the subway station Westend
Room in this hotel

Kreutziger Str. 5, Berlin

4.8km from the center of Berlin
352m from the subway station Samariterstrasse
Room in this hotel

74 Schildhornstraße Hinterhof, 12163, Berlin, Germany, Berlin

7.6km from the center of Berlin
594m from the subway station Schlossstrasse
Room in this hotel

19 Kreuzstraße, 13187, Berlin, Germany, Berlin

5.9km from the center of Berlin
688m from the subway station Wollankstrasse
Room in this hotel

Hochstädter Straße Mittelelf, 13347, Berlin, Germany, Berlin

4.1km from the center of Berlin
203m from the subway station Nauener Platz
Room in this hotel

Neue Hochstraße 2 , Ground Floor, 13347, Berlin, Germany, Berlin

2.6km from the center of Berlin
393m from the subway station Reinickendorfer Strasse
Room in this hotel