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Hallesche Str. 10, Berlin

1.8km from the center of Berlin
170m from the subway station Anhalter Bahnhof
Room in this hotel

Budapester Str. 2, Berlin

3.1km from the center of Berlin
613m from the subway station Wittenbergplatz
Room in this hotel

Alexanderplatz 7, Berlin

1.7km from the center of Berlin
200m from the subway station Alexanderplatz
Room in this hotel

Rhinstr. 159, Berlin

8.9km from the center of Berlin
1.2km from the subway station Poelchaustrasse
Room in this hotel

Zimmerstrasse 88, Berlin

1km from the center of Berlin
239m from the subway station Kochstrasse
Room in this hotel

Landsberger Allee 106, Berlin

4.8km from the center of Berlin
211m from the subway station Landsberger Allee
Room in this hotel

Konstanzer Str. 60, Berlin

5.6km from the center of Berlin
397m from the subway station Adenauerplatz
Room in this hotel

Brunnenstr. 1-2, Berlin

1.7km from the center of Berlin
13m from the subway station Rosenthaler Platz
Room in this hotel

Fischerinsel 12, Berlin

1.2km from the center of Berlin
253m from the subway station Spittelmarkt
Room in this hotel

Friedrichstrasse 151, Berlin

141m from the center of Berlin
251m from the subway station Friedrichstrasse
Room in this hotel

Stephanstrasse 41, Berlin

3.5km from the center of Berlin
211m from the subway station Birkenstrasse
Room in this hotel

Kronprinzendamm 1, Berlin

7.2km from the center of Berlin
271m from the subway station Halensee
Room in this hotel

Hedemannstraße 11-12, Berlin

1.6km from the center of Berlin
321m from the subway station Kochstrasse
Room in this hotel

Hardenbergstrasse 15, Berlin

4.2km from the center of Berlin
319m from the subway station Zoologischer Garten
Room in this hotel

Franklinstrasse 22, Berlin

4.2km from the center of Berlin
946m from the subway station Tiergarten
Room in this hotel

Neue Roßstraße 11-12, Berlin

1.5km from the center of Berlin
17m from the subway station Markisches Museum
Room in this hotel

Französische Straße 30, Berlin

452m from the center of Berlin
252m from the subway station Hausvogteiplatz
Room in this hotel

Charlottenstrasse 66, Berlin

736m from the center of Berlin
230m from the subway station Stadtmitte
Room in this hotel

Freiheit5, Berlin

12.2km from the center of Berlin
99m from the subway station Stresow
Room in this hotel

Bernauer Strasse 45, Berlin

2.7km from the center of Berlin
444m from the subway station Bernauer Strasse
Room in this hotel